Aerial Security

With the advances in drone technology, we can assist you in reducing your costs and providing a tailored service. To find out more click below or contact us.

Aerial Inspections

Hiring scaffolding, cranes or work platforms can be costly and preparing this equipment can be time consuming. Our team can be on site and start inspecting within minutes. Our drone operators are highly trained and experts in the field. To find out more, click below.

Aerial Mapping – 2D & 3D

With the use of drones and leading edge mapping software, we can provide high resolution imagery and 3d mapping that will assist your business in planning your next project.

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SureFact Australia is proud to announce the Aerial Division of our ever-expanding business.

SureFact Aerial has arisen from the passion that our lines of work have presented. Whether it be technology or surveying, our new venture has endless possibilities that may suit your business needs.

SureFact Australia’s new venture has embraced the latest technology, and invested significantly in the most advanced drone and digital equipment to provide you with tailored solutions.